Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lost root password in MySQL

If you lost the root password of MySQL, there are several to get over it. On Windows, you can use the following steps to reset a new password.

1. close currrent running MySQL: you can go to windows task manager(by press Ctrl+ALT+DEL), and end the process: mysqld-nt.exe

2, open a dos command window

3, set path as your mysql installation path, and into bin, mine is:

c:/program files/mysql/bin

4, Input command:

mysqld-nt --skip-grant-tables

if there is nothing shows up, it means everything is ok

5, Then, you need open another dos command window

6, Still, set the same path: c:/program files/mysql/bin

7, input:


then press ENTER key, to get into mysql

if you see:


then so far so good

8. After the previous steps, please input:

use mysql;
update user set password=password("123456") where user="root";
flush privileges;

12345 is you new password for root user, please don't forget the semicolon and use double quote for both password and user name root

9. Quit mysql by input

10, On Final step, you need to log out then login windows.

Now, you can use the new password to login mysql in the normal way.

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